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Auto Insurance Faqs

The most frequently asked auto insurance faq is "how much am I going to pay"? Second on the list for faq's (frequently asked questions) is "Can I pay this monthly"? While these are good questions and are the most frequently asked, the questions that we should be asking are about service and how your insurance company will take care of you if you are in an accident. Isn't that why we pay the money out in auto insurance premiums in the first place? When in an accident we want to know that we will be placed back in the same position physically and property wise, that we were in just prior to the accident.

It is funny that we only find out how good our Insurance Company, and our policy coverage is, when we have a claim. It's at this point in time that you really don't want any further problems. Finding out if your insurance company is any good or not at the time of an accident is usually too late if we have chosen a bad company or we have not covered our assets properly. Ask your insurers agent for help, and get them to guide you through your policy details, taking care to note exactly what you are covered for. The question that we need to ask yearly is, "Are my assets covered for the proper amounts?” "If I were to lose them today in an accident that totals them, would I have enough coverage in my policy to replace it?” " Would I have enough medical coverage to pay medical bills for myself and any passengers?” " Financially, is my policy making good fiscal sense, as in are my deductible too high for the value of my vehicle?", " Is my car too old to even have comprehensive and collision insurance on it?" These faqs should be asked of our insurance agents, as often as every six months or at the very least every year. If your insurance agent does not want to review your policies as often as you want, then start looking for a new agent. If you like the insurance company then just transfer your policy to another company office, or insure direct via a comparison site. If your insurance agent does not call you at least once a year then he or she has become complacent, and is no longer participating in growing his agency. Insurance companies provide contests through out the year in which your agent can make a good amount of money. These contests always revolve around getting new automotive, or other business. This requires the agent to call current automobile insurance customers to solicit more business from them. A lot of customers feel that having their agent call them and want to talk about other insurance or looking at your current policies is a bother or an inconvenience; when in reality it is a good thing. It means that your agent is interested in growing his business that he or she will work hard to keep your business. When your agent calls and asks to talk to you, talk to him, and ask him questions that will set your mind at ease, that your truck or other autos are properly protected. An agent that is trying to grow their business is also an agent that mostly likely will continue to keep current and well educated. This is the type of agent that you want. They will be able to answer questions, deal with any problems and make sure that you are fully protected.

In some instances you can have a great agent but an insurance company that is not so good. It is always wise to find out how the company you are with, or the company that you are thinking about going with will handle your claim if you ever need them to. This is not an easy thing to do. One of the best sources of this type of information is to talk with a lawyer who regularly handles cases against auto insurance companies. Lawyers always know which auto insurance companies are the worst to deal with and which companies will fight to not have to pay out claims. When you find a lawyer that is willing to talk freely with you always ask how your company handles claims that involve both parties being insured by them. This is important, companies handle this situation very differently. Some companies see this as an opportunity to save their monies and not pay out claims. Other companies handle this situation just as a normal claim and treat all parties as normal claims. Talk to the lawyers about how the companies are to deal with. Are the companies easy to work with, or do they try to complicate and slow the process down. Insurers that are difficult to deal with in court are usually not insurers that you want to deal with out of the courtroom. Question asking is important; you must ask the right questions to be sure you are properly protected. Isn't that why we pay insurance premiums, and isn't that what we want from all our insurance's?

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