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Auto Insurance Facts

Auto Insurance Facts

The majority of us find auto insurance a little confusing and difficult to understand. Here are some auto insurance facts that you should understand, and some tips to help you get a better deal.

Auto Insurance Facts #1 - Auto Insurance Ratings, what the heck do they mean? and why you should care about them Like most products and services consumers want to know what the quality behind the product is before buying. In other words, how does the auto insurance company rate compared to another auto insurance company. Buyers should investigate auto insurance ratings to be sure that they are getting the most for their money. Weiss Ratings has a list of the Strongest Auto Insurers as of 11/16/07 which includes United Services Automobile ASN, USAA Casualty Ins. Co., Interins Exch of the Automobile Club, Protective Ins. Co., Hastings Mutual Ins Co., Auto-Owners Ins. Co., and Sentry Ins. A mutual Co.

Auto Insurance Facts #2 - You should always compare auto insurance prices. The majority of us lead busy lives and may automatically continue to use the same company for vehicle insurance when circumstances may have changed that could lead to a decrease in auto insurance prices. It is to our benefit to compare auto insurance prices on a regular basis to be sure that we are getting the best price and the best coverage for our money.

Auto Insurance Facts #3 - Not all automotive insurance is created equal. Scout around and you will soon discover that there are specific types of auto insurance. There is auto insurance for good drivers, auto insurance for students, auto insurance for teens, travelers auto insurance, and also auto insurance for those over 50 years of age. If you think you fit into any special category of driver it may benefit you to contact your auto insurance company and ask if they have a special policy for you.

Auto Insurance Facts #4 - Search out your auto insurance company's Website for their FAQ (frequently asked questions page) because some of the question you may have could be listed there along with the answers to them. This is a convenient way to find important information without having to wait on hold or for a return phone call. Many of them will list important data and car insurance accident statistics.

Auto Insurance Facts #5 - There is such a thing as classic car auto insurance and antique auto insurance. Those who own classic or antique cars understand the importance of protecting the investment they have in their valuable cars. Classic car insurance and antique car insurance is available through specialty providers and through independent insurance agents. Ask your agent if they offer classic car insurance if you have treasured autos to protect, or try an online quote site.

Auto Insurance Facts #6 - What is SR22 auto insurance? SR22 is a form that states that you carry certain types of insurance required by your particular state (financial responsibility laws of your state). The insurance company will file this form for you with the state. The form states that you have auto liability insurance and that it is in effect. This form typically has to be filled out and sent in when an individual is in an accident or has been convicted of a traffic offense and was unable to provide proof of financial responsibility at the time of the conviction. A judge may order a SR22 to be filed for other reasons based on the case. These are just some of the facts you should be familiar with regarding auto insurance, speak with your insurance agent to discover facts that may be pertinent to your particular auto insurance needs, or go direct via an online comparison website.

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